Garmón Continental

Garmón Continental completes the García Family trilogy of wines and wineries in the Duero Valley - Mauro (Tudela de Duero) and San Román (Toro) - with an exciting and exclusive family run project based on the vineyards, with Tempranillo or Tino Fino as the main protagonist, where production will not exceed 80,000 bottles per year.

The first vintage, Garmón 2014, comes from a selection of vines, aged between 40 and 80 years old, grown on small plots in four villages located in the eastern areas of the Ribera del Duero: Baños, Tubilla and La Aguilera on the right bank of the river, Moradillo on the left side.

The altitude, between 850 and 1,000 meters, in addition to the freshness and slow maturation from these soils, predominantly clay-calcareous and gravel, confer tension, depth and a controlled maturity.